Aubrey Plaza Ever Date Chris Pratt

The onscreen couple were filming the hour-long season premiere of the sixth series of the acclaimed comedy on location in London. Plaza and co-star Chris Pratt jokingly share an over-the-top kiss while shooting in London on Sunday Plaza and Pratt have joined a host of their co-stars across the Atlantic for the TV special. But while Aubrey was playing around, Pratt's character took things a little more seriously, attempting a romantic moment. Aubrey didn't have just one outfit to impress her on-screen beau, transitioning between multiple styles on the day.

Plaza and Prat, who plays her on-screen husband, get up close and personal for a scene First up, a blue leather jacket with grey skinny jeans; Pratt, meanwhile, looked smart in a charcoal suit and a conservative tie striped in shades of walnut. Later, Aubrey's character went for a more elegant look with a short dress splashed with black circles and dots.

This was in preparation for a scene in which Pratt and Plaza take to the heights of the London Eye for a little more romance. Chris Pratt and Plaza get their coffee fixes on a long day of filming for Parks and Rec Up in the air: Passersby caught a glimpse of Pratt and Plaza shooting a scene on the London Eye Eying the crowd: Pratt and Plaza take a ride on one of London's most famous structures for the season premiere By the looks of it, the season premiere will show off plenty of sparks in the relationship, and onlookers gathered as the crew took over a capsule of the Eye for a scene.

In the meantime, Emmy-nominated lead Poehler, who plays overly optimistic bureaucrat Leslie Knope, donned a dark long-sleeve shirt with a spray of red and green for the shoot. He can do anything and everything. Sometimes I feel like her mother and sometimes I feel like I birthed her and sometimes I feel like she birthed me. And sometimes I want to make out with her. Jake Johnson who plays a reporter her intern shadows in Safety Not Guaranteed He angers me on a deep, deep, deep level.

Have I slapped him? I think I have slapped him. I have actually pulled a gun out on him once. An air rifle pellet gun. I put it right in his face. This was not on set.

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