Applications Of Single And Three Phase Induction Motor

Induction motor might be worked as either motors or generator. On the other hand, they are fundamentally used as induction motors. Two Types of Induction Motors Single phase induction motor: The single-phase induction motor is not self-starting. When the motor is connected to a single-phase power supply, the main winding carries an alternating current. It is logical that the least expensive, most reduced upkeep sort engine ought to be utilized most regularly.

These are of different types based on their way of starting since these are of not self starting. Those are split phase, shaded pole and capacitor motors. Again capacitor motors are capacitor start, capacitor run and permanent capacitor motors. Permanent capacitor motor is shown below. When the supply voltage is applied, current in the main winding lags the supply voltage because of the main winding impedance. The angel between the two windings is sufficient phase difference to provide a rotating magnitude field to produce a starting torque.

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Firstly the single phase induction motors are mostly provided with concentric coils. As the number of turns per coil can be easily adjusted with the help of concentric coils, the mmf distribution is almost sinusoidal. Except for shaded pole motor, the asynchronous motor has two stator windings namely the main winding and the auxiliary winding.

These two windings are placed in space quadrature with respect to each other. Rotor of Single Phase Induction Motor The construction of the rotor of the single phase induction motor is similar to the squirrel cage three phase induction motor. The rotor is cylindrical in shape and has slots all over its periphery. The slots are not made parallel to each other but are bit skewed as the skewing prevents magnetic locking of stator and rotor teeth and makes the working of induction motor more smooth and quieter i.

The squirrel cage rotor consists of aluminum, brass or copper bars. These aluminum or copper bars are called rotor conductors and are placed in the slots on the periphery of the rotor. The rotor conductors are permanently shorted by the copper or aluminum rings called the end rings. In order to provide mechanical strength these rotor conductor are braced to the end ring and hence form a complete closed circuit resembling like a cage and hence got its name as squirrel cage induction motor.

As the bars are permanently shorted by end rings, the rotor electrical resistance is very small and it is not possible to add external resistance as the bars are permanently shorted. The absence of slip ring and brushes make the construction of single phase induction motor very simple and robust. Working Principle of Single Phase Induction Motor NOTE: We know that for the working of any electrical motor whether its AC or DC motor, we require two fluxes as, the interaction of these two fluxes produced the required torque, which is desired parameter for any motor to rotate.

When single phase AC supply is given to the stator winding of single phase induction motor, the alternating current starts flowing through the stator or main winding.