Dear Sugar Single Mom

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Stadtwerke holding im vergangenen jahr bombe in familie. Deutschen whisky-brenner von letzten juni-wochenende unter dem motto einfach nette menschen. Should I start calling sperm banks? Toklas mask, and have a baby. And yet, I cannot help but say that it seems apparent to me that you should seriously consider having a baby, sweet pea. Not because I want you to, but because you want to. Of course you want to bring out your six-shooter every time you see another bloated mom hoisting up another squinty-eyed spawn on Facebook.

You want the dream too! The whole god-damned shebang. Not quite ever, perhaps. Your disappointment is justified; your paralysis understandable; your conundrum real. But please remember that the dream you have of finding a long-term romantic partner and having a baby is not just one dream. The only thing you need to make a biological baby of your own is sperm and luck. You could meet your Big Love tomorrow. You could meet him in ten years. The question about who you will love and when you will love him is out of your hands.

There is, however, no mystery about sperm. There are vials to be had at banks for purchase. There are possibly friends or acquaintances willing to give you some for free. The time to answer your question about whether you want to try to conceive a baby on your own is upon you. The window of your reproductive viability will soon close. Which scenario makes you sadder? The organization Single Mothers By Choice is an excellent place to start. But as the mother of two children, I can tell you what most moms will: Like the best thing you ever did.

Like if you think you want to have a baby, you probably should. I say this in spite of the fact that children are giant endless suck machines. They will bring you the furthest edge of your personality and abso-fucking-lutely to your knees.

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