Tiny Single Bedroom Ideas

Lovely little niche for the bed in white Replace the nightstands with storage shelves Always keep a small bedroom clean and uncluttered by Michelle Hinckley Eliminate all dark corners with several layers of lighting All about Space and Mirrors! Style is often about illusion. What appears to be the truth is often more important than what really is and perception makes a huge difference.

This is as true for design of small spaces as it is for Hollywood! Creating ample leg room by using furnishings that occupy the vertical space is a wonderful way to free up the square footage. The walls of a small bedroom cannot look cluttered. Yet, they must be used to the hilt. From floating bedside tables to ergonomic shelves, every smart addition gives the room a huge facelift. Use mirrors to create more visual space Daft use of the vertical space on offer by Sealy Design Elegant storage options help hide away the mess by Garret Cord Werner Apart from sleek shelves that disappear into the walls, mirrors and glossy surfaces are a cool and trendy way to fashion more visual space.

They also bring in a touch of Hollywood regency when coupled with plush fabrics. Use of skylights and large windows also adds to the freshness of a tiny bedroom while enhancing ventilation. A long narrow room custom-crafted bed that fits in effortlessly Black lamp shades steal the show here by Vanessa De Vargas Compact bedrooms need not give up on luxury one bit! Fabulous small bedroom embraces minimalism with style Floating stairs lead to the loft bed by Building Lab Keeping the room in single shade does make it appear a touch larger!

Modern loft bed perfect for small bedrooms by Kia Designs Painted floor adds color to this bedroom Smart Design with Symmetry Attic bedrooms and stylish guestrooms are gaining prominence as home owners are trying to make use of every available inch of room. Loft beds, Murphy bed designs and wall units that store away all the mess help in creating sleeker and more organized bedrooms as well.

Soft light coming from several different directions will blur the edges of your room and, in turn, make it feel larger. Soften up your overhead light. Use a frosted shade and a lower wattage bulb to create a more calming ambience. Photo courtesy by Erin Southwell. Use a Peaceful Palette Create the illusion of more space by limiting the color palette. If you use similar hues on walls, furnishings and bedding, the bedroom appears larger. The lines between all the different elements will be blurred, and your eye will move effortlessly around the room.

To add interest, inject a few pops of a contrasting color. Double Duty Desk Using a small desk next to your bed will create a dual-purpose opportunity. Not only does it act as an oversized nightstand, but pair it with a small chair to serves as a work surface, too. Look for small-scale, previously-loved desks at flea markets to add instant charm to your presently-loved bedroom. I love how these designs make the most of small spaces.

Another option is to purchase furniture with multiple purposes. A great choice is a Zoom-Room or Zoom-Desk. Zoom-Room is a 21st century version of the Murphy Bed. The Zoom-Room is customizeable with custom cabinets, home office accessories, finishes, and materials. It combines both function and great design.

45 Small Bedroom Ideas: Inspiration For the Modern Home